About Us

About Translation Academy

Twenty-five years’ experience and the energy of a start-up

About Us

Translation Academy, offering high class services of translation and other services, have been in the industry for more than 25 years. Our team is not only experienced but completely focused on fulfilling the needs and demands of our customers.

With a wide range of services being made available for our clients, we ensure performance at its best and accuracy to the highest level.

Customers are the key priority of our services and all our activities and innovations are targeted towards achieving a high level of customer satisfaction.

Our Goals –

At Translation Academy, our key objective is to become a leading organization in offering the translation and web design services for our customers.

We are focused on promoting internationalization through our services and thus to connect people across the globe, eliminating the problems otherwise faced due to differences in language skills and abilities of people and businesses.

Our Values –

The values of our company are reflected in the following major areas of work –
  • Honesty – We are honest in our services to the core of our business and ensure that all our services are performed and offered to our clients based on a high level of honesty.
  • Reliability – We want our customers to rely us completely with their orders and requirements. Hence, reliability is what we maintain throughout our services.
  • Transparency – We are transparent to our customers in respect of the processes that we follow and hence allowing them to have all the details of the measures that we use for the services. We have no hidden agenda and our services are solely meant for customer needs’ fulfilment.
  • Respect – We believe in respecting all our clients, who are extremely important to us. We also respect each other at work with our teams being extremely cooperative and bonded towards achieving common goals.
  • Hard work – Our entire team is extremelymeticulous and constantly raise the spiritsfor each other towards the same to achieve nothing less than the best in our performances.
  • Professionalism – We also maintain a high level of professionalism at our work, to keep our goals and objectives focused and targeted.
  • Excellence – We never compromise on our services and hence excellence is always guaranteed through each and every service that we offer.
  • Motivation – Motivation is the key source of strength for our team members.

No Compromise, Only Committed Performance –

We prefer to be unique in our services and hence a high level of commitment is what we believe in as we perform and fulfilled different services for our different clients. Our experience in the industry for so many years certainly adds to our strength, however; we never compromise on our quality and efficiency at work.

Our standards of quality are important to us for maintaining both our position in the market and for customer satisfaction which we give the highest priority to.

With our services, you can be rest assured of a highly effective and accurate work in all your translation and internationalization requirements. Also, our partnerships with major associations reflect on our purpose to keep enhancing on our services and performance in the long run.

Be it hardware, software, legal, financial or other areas of requirements, our team will do more than what is needed to ensure that you have the maximum benefits for the value you pay for the services.

Why work with us

Our translation processes, talents, technological excellence and an approach based on your needs

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Our vision

Our vision is to promote internationalization processes by providing guaranteed language skills

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Our Certifications

An effective, client-satisfaction-oriented, ISO 9001 certified quality system

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Our partnerships

Memberships in national and international associations, partnerships and institutional collaborations to share, grow and innovate

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