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Benefits of App Localization Done by Translation Academy

In the day and age you live in, everyone is very technologically advanced. People start using mobile phones from a very young age and even very elderly people own their own mobile phones. A major reason why many people, especially youngsters, use mobile phones is the availability of trending and useful apps that can make their life easier or more enjoyable. The app you have developed or your company might have to offer might be a communication-based app, a new game, a camera app, a social platform based app or even a health based app. The types of apps out there are varied and this market is growing day by day. In such a situation and such a market, it might be difficult to capitalize on or make a profit out of your app. We, at Translation Academy understand your problems and worries. Hence, we have developed great app localization in order to ensure that your app becomes very popular and well-known.


The need for app localization

Phones nowadays use a variety of different operating systems or OS. There is the iOS used in the iPhones and iPads sold by Apple. There is the Android OS provided by Google for a wide number of phones. Moreover, there is also the Windows OS provided by Microsoft. Mobile phones are used all over the world. The App Store of Apple gadgets itself is available in 155 countries now-a-days. The platform you are providing your app in might use English as a default language or you might have developed the app in English or some other language. However; it is important for all the people in the region who all might speak different languages to understand and be able to use your app. This is where the app localization services of Translation Academy come in.

Benefits of localizing apps

Localizing an app has various benefits. The primary and most obvious benefit is that it increases themarket and scope of your app. Your app is now easily accessible to more people than before. It gets distributed more widely through the demographic. Moreover, the comfort level of the users will increase if they are able to use the language which they prefer and are most fluent and comfortable in. As a result, the users will automatically use your app over other similar apps which are not localized, thereby giving your app an edge over the competition. The global brand value of your app will increase with our help.


Benefits of choosing Translation Academy

We at Translation Academy can get involved in the localization of your app from a very early stage. The professional translators work with you and your development staff from the programming stage itself, offering their expertise and advice in how to make the apps both global and localized. The translation done by our trained and highly qualified professionals will include not only the app but also the description of the app in the app store or market and other useful aspects or elements. All of the translation is done using only the best state-of-the-art equipment.


Get personalized and specialized care

Our company understands that all apps are unique. Some apps are made for a private audience while some are made for widespread use in the global market. Here, at Trans Edit, we will ensure that you get personalized and specialized care that will meet the specific needs of you and your app.

Localized platforms

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Audio and Video

Thanks to a strategic partnership, we are able to offer the services of a state-of-the-art production and post-production center adjacent to our office, equipped with the most advanced digital editing, special effect and computer graphics technology and with music soundtrack, dubbing, authoring and DVD mastering capabilities.

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