Associations and pratnerships

Our Associations and Partnerships

At Translation Academy, we are completely focused on fulfilling the needs and demands of our customers. All our services have been designed and presented keeping in mind the specific requirements of our clients and our Associations and Partnerships are also based on us being able to accomplish our goals successfully.

We have our targets towards growing and innovating in our services.

Networking and open communication are at the core of our associations so that we can learn, share and serve more for our customers and with the true sense of effectiveness of all our translation and language services.

Our Partners IncludeInternational trade associations, Italian trade associations and Institutional partners.


International trade associations –

We have three major international trade associations that include –

  • ATA or American Translators Association
  • GALA or Globalization and Localization Association
  • ELIA or European Language Industry Association

ATA has more than 11000 members working with the organization, in more than 90 countries in the world, and is an extremely professional organization. GALA is an extremely popular language services organization in the world that has enabled our company to take part in several new initiatives. ELIA is mainly focused on the European language industry and has been a great partner for our company for quite some time.


Italian trade associations –

Our Italian trade associations are with Unilingue and Federlingue. Both the associations are extremely popular in the language services industry and have proved to be a great source of strength, information, learning and sharing for Translation Academy.

Federlingue is also associated with the services of localization and web services and hence has been a great support for our web services as well.<

Institutional partners –

We have our significant partnerships with CascinaTriulza, which is mainly managed by the Expo Milano, Assoservizi and the Italy-America Chamber of Commerce West (IACCW).

With the Expo Milano, it has become possible for different organizations and businesses to come together and closer to each other, enabling our services to have a global reach more effectively.

Assoservizi has its services allocated for various industries and organizations across the globe, mainly in the areas of administrative functions and technical management courses. Further, with the IACCW, it has become possible for us to efficiently promote our businesses to our prime customers across the globe.


Italian trade associations –

Our Associations and Partnerships are significant considering that our team has partnered with some of the top performing companies related with the industry of language services, translation and web services.

These institutions and organizations have not only supported our services at large but also ensured that our business can be rightly promoted, based on the effectiveness, truthfulness and perfection of our services.

Translation Academy chooses its partners very carefully with the sole intention to enhance upon its services so that our services are never compromised in terms of quality and accuracy.

With the high level of open communications and networking, it is possible for our teams to learn and grown on a continuous basis, which is a major focus for our company. We are constantly developing and innovating in our services, trying to meet the specific needs of our customers and it is here that our partners and associations are providing us with the extra support to achieve our goals with the highest level of efficiency.