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Copywriting, Transcreation, Post-editing, Authoring

Translation Academy Group’s Services for Copywriting, Trans creation, Post-editing, Authoring

The process of translation deals with the transformation of the article from one language to another i.e. from the source language to the target language. This calls for an in-depth knowledge about the translator about the process along with the language in which the translation work has to be accomplished. At the best, the translator is expected to work with the translation retaining the true meaning of the original work. But along with translation, there are companies offering service in other related sectors as well. At Translation Academy Group, we also look ahead to retain the quality and provide the best service to our clients in the related areas of function as well.


Service for Copywriting

Apart from translation, we work for other language related areas such as copywriting,transcreation, post-editing, authoring. Each of these sectors has their own specialties and norms. Talking about copywriting; it is nothing but simple adaptation of the books, advertisement texts, press releases, leaflets, business speeches, political views and reports, communication and sales material and many more. Keeping these written texts into concern, we analyze the importance of the client’s strategies and objectivities and work for the development of creating the content and headlines for their new product as per their expectation and needs.


What is transcreation?

Translation is possible keeping in pace with the creative adaptation of texts and images. These images and graphics help in estimating the target and the market position of the company so that the work is done in a way meeting up the style and context of the original documents and works presented. Transcreation usually involves the translation of the cultural reports and references into work games, proverbs, tricky jokes and other funny yet interesting forms. Our team at Translation Academy provide the service that helps in localization of the company’s profile and website in an SEO and SEM point of view; that is the works always get the top class preference for the quality it possess. Mainly in this arena, translation work is done for marketing content like advertising article, brochures and many more.


Understanding our work for post-editing

As discussed earlier, services are offered for copywriting, transcreation, post-editing, authoring. Post- editing, this is something having a great relation especially with the media world. It is the working with the documents for making changes in them and their translation so that they are understandable by a wide number of readers from every sector. Post-editing of documents can be done in matter related to law, finance, science and technical issues. The target text may not adhere to the original text in matter of the terminology used but retains similarity in the meaning.


Authoring and our services team

We also work for translation of authoring documents. This refers to the translation of document written with the intention of establishing a specific communication. In recent days, authoring is mainly used in the field of multimedia and animation that is working for the designing of the graphics, images and audio-visual clips for getting them into CDs and DVDs. Our team of expert professionals works effectively for deriving the maximum beneficial results for the clients. The members possess a good hold on the idea of linguistics as well as different languages used for the translation work. All the works are delivered within deadline keeping in concern the quality and expectation of the clients. The translated works are also cross examined separately by proofreaders having experience in this field.



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