Simultaneous and consecutive interpreting for conferences

Know About Translation Academy and the Conferences Services of the Company

Most big companies and corporations nowadays are multinational corporations. Moreover often business negotiations and deals are done with people from other countries. These deals might face to face in a conference room or nowadays they even happen over video conferencing to make things more convenient. A big problem which you as a negotiator might face is the barrier of language. The person or people you might be making the deal with might not know or understand the language you speak in and you similarly might not be familiar with the languages he or she speaks. Then, it becomes very difficult for one-on-one business transactions to occur. This is where Translation Academy can step in and help you and your company out. We provide excellent translation and interpretation services that can remove all obstacles from the path of you securing a deal.

The services provided by the company

Translation Academy does not just provide you with interpreters. We provide highly trained interpreters, project managers as well as technicians who will take care of and organise the entire process in a way that you do not have to undergo any stress or hassle. The conferences services of the company include the services of both simultaneous interpretation as well as consecutive interpretation. While most companies opt for simultaneous interpretation, there are certain advantages to consecutive interpretation as well.

Simultaneous interpretation services provided by the company

This type of interpretation is preferred by companies due to the efficiency and speed of the process. Our trained simultaneous interpreters will interpret the speech of the speakers as they speak. The lag time is only a few seconds and this is known as ‘decalage.’ This technique is a highly complex but efficient one. Our interpreters need a soundproof booth as well as a conference audio system. Unless the conference session is a very short one, limiting itself to only one hour, we provide two simultaneous interpreters who alternate every 20 minutes to half an hour, thereby ensuring that the process remains smooth. Our interpreters will hear the language inside the soundproof booth through a headphone and will then proceed to translate it and convey it to the audience through a microphone. A radio connection can also be used.

Consecutive interpretation services provided by the company

Consecutive interpretation is a great conferences service of the company. In this service, the interpreter will take notes while the speaker is speaking and then provide you with a translation every 5 to 10 minutes. Many companies prefer this type of service since it does not require a high level of equipment. Moreover if the conference does not extend beyond half a day, then only one of our interpreters can efficiently carry out the interpretation for you.

Benefits of opting for Translation Academy

Translation Academy has a lot to offer to you and your company. We have been in the business for over ten years now. Our interpreters are all highly trained and experienced in interpreting for small and big companies over the years. Moreover, we can provide interpreters at very short notice with Italian and English speakers available on the day of request, French, Spanish and German a day later and only 2 days needed for other languages. We are trained to handle highly specialised projects and all of the interpreters sign a non-disclosure agreement, thereby ensuring confidentiality for you and your business transactions.

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