Our Corporate Social Responsibility

With customers being our major concern, Translation Academy also takes initiatives to ensure that our activities and performances do not have any negative impacts on the community that we serve. Our Corporate Social Responsibility is focused and well planned towards ensuring an effective external atmosphere for our societal members.

In order to create a strong position in the industry, the business model of our company has effectively considered the needs of the society and integrated the same in our business practices.

For our CSR activities, we do not restrict ourselves to what regulators demand for their environmental and societal protection measures. We are always ready to do that extra bit to keep our society and environment clean, harmless and protected.

Our CSR Focus –

    • Sustainability of the environment – Our teams work hard to ensure complete sustainability of the environment that we work in and that we serve for. We have are efforts spread across the options of working from home, use of separate waste collections, dual monitoring and related activities to keep the environment as protected as possible.
    • High quality of work – Our quality of work is very high and certified. We make sure that our teams can effectively balance their personal and professional lives, which in turn allows them to be encouraged in their performances and hence in maintaining their social and corporate responsibilities as well.
    • Civil society and territory – We spread our words and positive messages through our partnerships with civil organizations, universities and institutions. We aim to make people aware of several new opportunities and works that exist in our society and the way we all can come forward to help each other to grow a community that is worth living for all.
    • Relationships with the markets – All our market relations and partnerships are kept transparent. We do not believe in any hidden agenda and it our sole consideration to indulge people more into understanding our work, encourage others to perform suitably and make it big for all.

Our CRS Practices –

At Translation Academy, Corporate Social Responsibility is considered as a separate area of performance, aligned with specific goals and objectives of the business.
Our teams are extremely committed and dedicated to their works and are constantly innovating and developing in the ways they can serve the communities.

We have our services applicable for all kinds of people living together in our societies. We ensure not to make any form of differentiation among them and it is always our great pleasure to serve all our customers with what is best in the industry.

Our emphasis on the various CSR activities and events reflect an on-going process of our business and we work based on a high degree of enthusiasm that stress on the success of our plans, strategies and performances.

It is essential for our customers to know that we are not here only to create a name for ourselves. But, we are here to serve you and the community that we all are part of. Our translation and language services are supported with the CSR activities that we engage in, with the consideration that it is our responsibility to take care of society that has given us the place to perform and sustain.

Hence, all our operations are in line with a high level of protection for our environment.

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