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Game Localization by Translation Academy

Video game localization basically refers to transformation of game hardware and software for the preparation for importing and selling in another region, usually in another country. Although, translating text assets covers a major part of the localization process and includes changes made to a game including alteration of art assets, creation of new packaging and manuals, recording new audio, transforming the hardware, cutting whole portions of game because of varying cultural sensitivities and adding sections for replacing the cut content.

Why is it different?

Game localization by Translation Academyhas often been set apart from the other kinds of product localization on the basis ofsome specific intricacies. The simultaneous release into the market is of importance in the global gaming business. It happens when all the languages of a game have been released into the market right when the source language has just been released. However; it is to be noted that such a release has often been preferred bymany game manufacturers. The simultaneous launch also demandsthatthe process of game localization happens with asource-language development, thereby leavinga translation department for workingon an unfinished text and requires re-translation and updates before a game releases inthe market. Translation Academy has dedicated resources to complete any urgent translation, update the materials and function effectively on tight deadlines. To substantiate the simultaneous release, the market competition for the video games is absolutely intense and a sale of any average game slows down after some months. It’s a huge advantage due to this to saturate markets at once and give a game a maximum exposure. Differing communication signs and symbols could be disruptive to a game’s process of adaptation. Our innovative localization process strives to match the linguistic differences with the help of techniques suggested by experts and those proven to work.

Video game localization: Our offering

Translation Academy is noted for its games team which works in collaboration with developers, offers a professional language service including testing, localization and audio management. Our clients are supported throughout phases of video game production starting from design to development, from deployment to launch.


Language adaptation- Any localization project could be huge and highly time-consuming. And, that is why at Translation Academy, every client is assigned a Project Manager catering to their needs and managing the cultural and linguistic adaptation of the video game scripts.


Synergy with the Translation Academy development team

Game localization projects combine several roles that happen to work simultaneously. And, that is why Translation Academy ensures that the PMs, translators, the dubbers and the QA managers are aware of the best technologies needed for ensuring terminological and linguistic consistency: style guides, translation memories and term bases could be some of the examples. Also, through the TEG24 proprietary platform, the developers may follow each of the translation batches online and also interact with the Project Managers for feedbacks or suggestions.


How Translation Academy helps in game localization:

The comprehensive and undeniable translation experience provided by Tranlation Academy complements the process of game development by providing some practical solutions related to localization with accuracy and skill. We ensure that the game is delivered to our clients as scheduled to the target market, with added advantages of flawless representation and cultural sensitivity of the key expressions as well as gaming ideas.


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