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The simple translation of legal documents from one language to the other is commonly known as legal translation. Unlike the definition which sounds so simple, the process of translation is a lengthy and difficult one. Perfection is where the difficulty of translating a legal document lies because legal documents have to be translated retaining the exact original meaning. Any manipulation related to the true meaning of the documents can welcome serious violation and sometimes even results into lawsuits. It is thus always necessary to get your legal translation done with service from the best legal translation service provider with years of successful experience in this field.

Consideration of Factors Affecting Translation

Legal translation is something more than just translation of the language. A number of factors are associated with it. Of all these, the legal system of the country abiding the legal text is the most important factor. Before taking up the translation work; it is necessary on the part of the translator to have an idea about the legal system and laws of the country whose text he is translating. Also, it is necessary to adhere to simple language for the translation because too much tricky and tough language may not bring out the true meaning of the original document translated. With an experience of over 25 years, Translation Academy is one of the leading and quality providers of legal translation services. Services are provided to both legal and law departments as well as to individual professionals working in this field.

Our Multi-Lingual Translation Team

Translation of documents is becoming more important and increasingly in demand especially among the business group with the current race of globalization. Globalization calls for multilingual translation service. At Translation Academy, our multilingual team with professionals having experience in legal field offer assistance to clients from various sectors. Our team has rendered successful result to those seeking help in getting the legal documents translated. All of the legal translators possess vast expertise in the field with accurate knowledge about the legal system persisting in different countries of the world along with a good hold on different languages.

Documents Translated

Our team of offering legal translation services in mother tongue enjoys the privilege of having a detailed and thorough hold on the accurate terminology of the language along with the latest and up-to date laws and legal framework of the legislation. The documents which are translated by us include court records and legal opinions, transfer pricing, contracts and service agreements, due diligence reports and memorandums, prospectus of business companies, financial statements, memorandum and articles of the company association, certificate of goodwill, regulatory documentation and regulations, patents and intellectual property documents, information notes, expert witness reports, assessment and evaluation reports, notary agreement, lease deeds and many more.

Why Take Service From Us?

Writing down legal documents is way too difficult but more difficulty comes when you have to translate them in another language ensuring that the actual meaning and terminology is retained. Moreover, when your legal document is expected to be presided by a lawyer or judge; the accuracy of translation becomes more important. Your role is limited till the selection of the best translation service provider having good hold on legal issues. Our expert team offer legal translation to various document types and make sure that the same translation is counter checked by proofreader having expertise in the related field like medical, science, technical, legal and so on.

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