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Language translation services play a major role in the society today. With the globalization at its pace, medical and scientific field covers an important area in life. Medical field rely on stringent terminology and documents which are necessary to be translated into a simple and understandable language for the hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, medical equipment manufacturing companies and clinicians to help them in the treatment of the patients. It is important to choose the proper translation service provider who can offer the best and accurate translation service of medical documents for saving the lives of thousands of people.

Documents translated by the team

The importance of proper translation service is beyond one’s imagination. Any problem arising from any manipulation of the diagnosis or physiological and psychological evaluation can put one’s life into danger. Translation Academy Group is a leading name in the world of medical and scientifictranslation offering its clients with a world class service. The translation projects undertaken by the team of our company include scientific research documents as specialized medical books, veterinary books, reports on clinical test, clinical conference report, chemical-pharmaceutical publication reports, medical technology assessment, marketing and communication texts, technical medical kits and many more.


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A brief about our translating team

The services of our team are directed towards clients from sectors relating to the field of medical science and technology including biotech field, microbiology and pharmaceutical industries. The professionals working for the company are people holding medical degree and expertise in this field. They also possess a good hold on the different languages for providing the clients with an error free translation report. Reports are translated for clients including doctors, health care units, patients, pharmaceutical and paramedical organizations.

Working of the team

Our team of medical and scientific translation keeps them up to date with the latest medical and scientific technology available in the market by organizing seminars and discussion sessions with the manufacturers of such equipments and technology. The members of the team are selected keeping into concern their goodwill in the field of work as well as the years of experience they possess. These professionals are also members of the American Translators Association and European Medical Writers Association. The translation services are offered taking into concern the valuable views of the physicians, biologists, chemists and pharmacists working with the leading medical and scientific research institutions of the city. They help the Translation Academy team by reviewing the translation works they have accomplished and making a note that the same has been done keeping pace with the meaning of the original medical document.

Features of our working pattern

The reliability of our services is not limited till the translation being cross checked and reviewed by the expert panel. The works further are sent for post-editing stage performed by scientific reviewers holding accreditation of some of the leading medical and scientific report publishing companies functioning at an international level. The works are delivered within the stipulated deadlines ensuring that the quality of the same meet the expectation of the client. Each project is assisted by a project manager who co-ordinate the entire team set up for the working of a specific project. This includes co-coordinating the translating team; reviewer and editor to ensure that the translation report meet all the latest terminology of the medical field. Lastly, all the translated documents are separately checked by proofreaders having a good hold in the relevant fields of science and medicine.

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