Localization Services from the Translation Academy Group

The process of localization is equally important and a bit different from the process of translation. It means to translate a website in such a way that it is the most suitable and adhere to the local context or the specific locality for which the website is being translated. This needs to be done keeping in mind the linguistic as well as the cultural aspects of the local area for which the website is being translated. The successful localization of your website will immensely benefit you. Therefore, you should not only translate your website but also localize it. For this, let us first see the benefits or the advantages of localization.


Benefits of localization

There are several benefits of localization of a website ranging from marketing help to the increase in the generation of sales

  • Localization removes the scope of any kind of misunderstanding. This mostly happens due to the misinterpretation of text. Proper localization keeping in mind the customs and traditions of the said area will let people understand you better.
  • It helps you specify as all countries do not write the date in the same format or use the same currencies. Therefore, a localized website looks more specific.
  • Proper localization of your website will mean an increase in the sales rate of your products. Localization helps in sales due to the fact that every market is not the same. Some markets or some areas may be ready to pay a higher price for your products than others. Therefore, localization of the website after considering the local history of the place may help you in increasing your selling price.
  • It adds an emotional value to your site. Though English is prevalent all over the world. Reading a content in one’s own language makes the readers connect to you emotionally too. It shows them that you are genuine and that you truly care about their language particularities, traditions, history and culture.


How do we go about it?

At Translation Academy, we work towards achieving customer satisfaction and all our professionals are highly trained and experienced individuals. We use the most technologically advanced localization softwares to give results that are of optimum usage. Our process includes testing, validation and debugging of the website along with website translation and localization. Our localization professionals adapt the texts of your website to the linguistic systems of the desired language to localize it. It is done very carefully keeping in mind all applicable conventions .The translation style is also chosen according to the local context. After this, the whole thing is thoroughly edited to eliminate mistakes as well as to enhance it.


Why should you trust us?

You should trust us because of the quality of our work. We are one of the most experienced and elite businesses in the world providing translation and localization services. We are well certified and are covered with SSL security therefore your website will be in safe hands with us. We go about our job sincerely and efficiently and never cross deadlines. Our multilingual customer support will assist you 24*7 without any delay. We get this confidence as several companies have been successful and have benefitted from our service. We will greatly improve your chances of international success and help your brand to be recognized worldwide.

Web translations

Translation of websites or
e-commerce sites, including CMS-based sites. Localization of multimedia elements and SEO tags

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Games localization

A team of linguists, graphic designers, IT specialists and dubbers for videogame and app localization


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Video translation

Subtitling, voice-over and dubbing in over 100 different languages to make your multimedia contents usable worldwide


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App localization

Our team can localize the source files (.string, .apk, etc.) of iOS, Android and Windows apps



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