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Translation Academy and its service for media and entertainment translations

Media has occupied an important place in the lives of people. One cannot think of spending a day without the internet and television. Not only have they served as a medium of entertainment but also have been used as a platform for exchanging thoughts and ideas on various issues. Stories from many books have been transformed into movies and tele-shows. Hollywood is the top most industry in the world of film and entertainment. English is the primary language used in Hollywood movies. These movies are telecast throughout the world but not everyone possesses the ability to learn the language. Unless you understand the script and the story line of the film, you won’t have interest in the same. Here comes the role of translation. Media people find translation beneficial as this helps their work to reach a large number of audiences applauding them. Translation Academy Group is one such leading name in the world of translation industry.


How is the translation done?

At Translation Academy, we offer reliable service for media and entertainment translations. This translation is done in two ways: either with dubbing or by translating the dialogues with subtitle scrolling at the bottom of the screen along with the dialogue. While some prefer dubbing; some do not want to miss out the actual dialogues read out by the actors. Keeping the choice of the group of audience the producer wants to reach, the translation technique is chosen.


Quality maintained

The second important factor related to media related translations is quality. Poor quality of translation shall not get much number of audiences willing to watch it. If the translation is done at a random phase without taking into concern the context in which the dialogue is spoken; the whole work can turn out to be hilarious. We make sure that the translation is done maintaining the proper integrity with the dialogue; retaining the same emotions and passion in whose context the statement was made.


A brief about our team

Not only movies but also other media sectors call for all sorts of media and entertainment translations especially the news and information media. This is because they have a wider reach covering people from diverse zones, culture, society and mostly language. Reaching an international audience requires a good grip on linguistics, world culture, history about the happenings, advanced knowledge of translation and experience. Our team members possess all of these abilities helping you in expanding your business and attaining your success and goal. Our services include audio-visual localization, translation and adaptation for the media, subtitling and captioning, sync to voice, voice dubbing, video transcript, video gaming and questioning, creative copy writing and many more. All of these services are offered for documentaries, short films, full length films, sports news, trailers, advertisement campaigns, books, magazines and others.


Methodology of our work

Our team members consist of high profile professionals with experience of above 10 years in the field of media and entertainment. They possess a good hold over different languages and knowledge about linguistics. We offer 100% quality work within the stipulated deadline set for their submission. No violation and manipulation of the original content is done. The contents and works are done by efficient copywriters after whom they are sent for recheck to the advanced professional and editor. All the articles are checked properly by proofreaders before they are delivered to the client. If you are looking for an efficient and reliable copywriter, drop a visit at our website to contact us.

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