Translation Academy has been there in the industry for the past 25 years and offers a high class service of translating and also providing other services. We tend to focus on the needs of the customers and fulfill their needs and requirements. Our first and foremost motto is to provide for customer satisfaction. The company tries to translate the words and the meanings that are to be shared between various cultures. Extensive training programs are to be provided to the employees to bring the best performance out of them. Employees are considered to be the key aspect of the company.


The different aspects:

In the world of internet today, everything that we see is considered virtual. Developing a website is regarded as crucial to the welfare of the company. A good website however requires a good planning and a creative work. These form an essential component to the people who visit the website. The website is supposed to be user-friendly and easily accessible to all. Using a correct font and applying the correct colour is important to attract the viewers. Here minute details are looked upon to avoid any kind of miscommunication. We are believed to make use of the best of technology. Our website is believed to be easily updated and handled with supervision. We see to it that the website provides the visitors with structures that are readable with good color coordinated facility and contents that are legally accessible. At Translation Academy, we have the best bunch of experienced and knowledgeable employees that are highly experienced in the field of technology and of latest trends.


How are the websites maintained?

Website maintenance is to deal with the latest trends and all the updates related to latest activities in the web media. If the contents are not updated regularly, then it tends to slow down the rates of visitors. Maintaining in things like editing and revising is necessary to keep updated with the contents that are fresh and recent. Website is regarded as the face of the company. Our website reflects who we are. Poorly maintained websites that are not updated regularly and with broken pages are not visited regularly. Our website is, however; handled by those who can speak proper mother tongue with an experience. There is a translation of present and the future contents that reduces time and money.


The translation of the website:

We tend to translate the system into linguistic system to specifically target the language used by the people mostly. We usually translate from SEO perspective. The regular use of advanced technology helps to work across many disciplines. There is a proficient use of web design to graphic design to help our online clients enabling them to work globally.


The redesigning of the web:

Web use may not be appealing to many people who are not accustomed with the work online but with the transformation into new application, it has begun to appeal the masses. With the use of smart phones, now everyone is using the internet to access to everything. Thus, a website is a compulsory for every company. There is a huge demand from the technology friendly generation to use the latest web features. Also with the involvement of the social media, there has been a demand from viewers to see the updated version of the company. Thus, we tend to keep our viewers updated all the time with the latest news of our company activities and innovations trying to be achieved by us.