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Enhance your proficiency in any language with the certified language services

A certified language professional is highly demanded in the contemporary world. With the globalization of the business establishment, interpretation of languages is one of the most demanded services. A certified professional in language can be hired as interpreter and the translator in the corporate world. They are the professionals who are being offered a high remuneration and respect in the corporate sphere. A professional language specialist is the one who helps to expand the reach of a corporate organization where language is a barrier. They contribute in reaching a multi-lingual population promoting better business opportunities.


What are the various certified language services?

Translation Academy is one of the leading certified language services providers providing various communication services in the corporate field.

Translation: The company provides an enterprise-level translation service to many of the clients. The certified professionals can translate between different languages with great proficiency and accuracy. These services are being availed by business organizations and individuals worldwide. The service is the highly trusted and the perfection can be relied upon.

Testing Language: Language proficiency testing is one of the most important parts of the modern business organizations. The professionals take online and phone based tests, assuring you that the best person is chosen for your organization.

Language Training: Language training is another important service that the professionals offer. The professional can provide standard language training using various training methodologies.

Accent Training: This sort of training is highly required by the call-center agents, medical professionals and those who are ready to explore a career beyond the barrier of languages.


What are the various translation jobs available?

There are various translations jobs available worldwide. A certified language professional is in great demand nowadays. Documentation is one of the important parts of a corporate sphere. Translation of documents helps a proper interpretation of the documentation papers. Thus, a document translator is in huge demand now-a-days. Legal translation is another important aspect of translation service. It helps an organization or an individual to understand the foreign rules and regulation which are mostly useful for international business procedures. Technical translations, business translations and marketing translations are some of the other important areas of translation services that are in huge demand


Certified language services of Translation Academy never compromise with quality

Business deals are mostly drafted with critical terminologies and jargons. Improper translation and drafting of this sort of deals might lead to a completely different interpretation of the deals. Thus, certified language services provided by the Translation Academy takes an extra care of the precision and the accuracy of the language. The certified professionals are among the top translators and interpreters in the world. The quality parameters being maintained by them are stringent. They provide services with a complete client satisfaction. With numerous satisfied clients in their list, they can be termed as one of the leading language service providers.


About the language training services

Language training is one of the most vital language services being provided by them. The programs that are being designed to train the professionals are easy to approach and easy to retain. They would also help in assessment of the progress of the professionals to bring out the best in them. The certified service program is developed in a way that is most interactive. A certified language professional is being trained in a way to help to break the language barriers and to find newer avenues for progress and success.

ISO 9001:2008

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Translation Academy was the first
language service company to
implement a Quality System and to
obtain certification according to

UNI EN ISO 9002 in 1996. A new
certification according to

ISO 9001:2008 was obtained in 2010.