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With the advancement in the world of business and communication, new relationships are developing each day between countries and companies using the foreign language. Burt not all people possesses the ability to understand and assimilate the meaning of all the languages equally. This has called for the increasing need of professional translators and interpreters working to help these needy people to grow their business communication without any difficulty. Among the companies offering you service for translation works, Translation Academy has popped up as a leading name. We offer here services related to various fields such as media and entertainment, food and beverage, luxury and comfort, technological world and many more.


Understanding Desktop Publishing

Desktop publishing and graphics designing is a vital field in the technological session. Desktop publishing deals with the process of making use of the computer and its softwares for the combination of texts and graphics for transforming them into some meaningful sense for use in designing documents. Being easy for use, desktop publishing has become a common mode of product designing for a large number of people. It is used by non-designers and those without any prior knowledge about its working. On the other hand, graphics designers make use of the publishing software for efficient designing of the documents easily understandable by the clients. Our team of Graphic Designers and Desktop Publishers help us to handle any such project with ease.


Our scope of service

These specialized desktop and graphic designers are a group of full proved software applications and softwares allowing us to make changes and handle any kind of documents. Work in this field is related to the encoding and decoding of the computer language and transforming it into such a language which is easily understandable by the client. Works are done for Adobe InDesign, Adobe FrameMaker, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe PageMaker, QuarkXpress, Adobe FreeHand, CorelDraw, InPage Professional, AutoCAD, Catalyst and FrontPage.


Key points of our working

Other services offered in this field by our Graphic Designers and Desktop Publishers are multilingual layout and desktop publishing. Keeping in mind the importance of brochures, financial statements, technical documents, presentations; the translataion is done carefully using the softwares and page layout techniques. We adhere to the true technique of desktop publishing which makes use of the software tools for setting up the documents, graphics and also for the preparation of the digital files which are required for printing making use of the desktop and commercial printing technique.


Increasing need for DTP

Desktop publishing increases the control over the way in which the text has been arranged and formatted. It also helps in bringing a number of different files together in the same document. Clients mostly adhere to DTP because it is easier to makes changes in desktop publishing. Adding on to your benefit; here you can develop better communication ideas and establish an effective communication. With our service team consisting of professionals with expertise in DTP designing, typewriting and scanning; we offer effective and high quality DTP service translation at a low cost of production and on time delivery. Understanding the importance of the tool and its use, we make sure that the work delivered is up to the mark. Before delivering the final work to the clients; the projects are cross checked and verified by proofreaders from the technical field. We ensure that 100% quality work is delivered helping the client in the successful functioning of his business.

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