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No matter which industry you belong to, printing services are essential for your success. While printing is important, care should be taken of the quality of the print that you get. Good quality printing will attract customers and impress clients while an average print will disappoint them. Before printing the essentials, that is brochures, advertisements, promotional, presentations and the like, there is something which needs to be taken care of. This is called prepress or the preparation before printing. This involves proofreading and editing the material as well as checking minute details before the printing process. Most companies offer such services but we are one of the most premium service providers in the field of printing.


The services provided by us

Our services include all aspects of printing and much more. We provide all kinds of printing services starting from graphic designing and layout services across all platforms, the service of prepress and printing, traditional printing services, thermal direct printing and digital printing. Based on the kind of print you want, you can choose from these various types offered by Translation Academy. Our collaboration with one of the best printing companies, Lasergrafica Polver has enabled us to provide our customers with the top and the best quality printing services.

Let us now give you a brief account of the services offered by us to help you choose the one best suited for your needs.


Importance of layout and digital printing

  • While making advertisement or promotional material, the most important thing to consider is the layout of the objects before printing. A definite layout looks more attractive leading to success. Our team of professionals will strive towards obtaining this objective.
  • Digital printing is another service that we provide. All services are customized after due consideration of the type of industry you belong to and your needs of printing. This again is environmental friendly and also much cost effective as it reduces the wastage thereby keeping your environmental footprint high.


Thermal direct, prepress and traditional printing

  • Thermal direct is an environmental friendly prepress facility offered by our company. If you want professional looking, precise and monochrome material to be printed, then this solution offered by our company will be the best for you.
  • Prepress and printing is important to eliminate the scope of mistakes made by writers or designers. It ensures that your marketing campaigns are foolproof with high quality and correct content on display. Therefore, prepress facilities provided by us are essential for the overall impact that you wish to create on your customers.
  • Traditional printing is the simple method of printing on paper that has been in operation through ages. You can also opt for the traditional method of printing if you so wish. Our company offers the best output possible. This is the oldest form of printing and very cost effective. Our company will ensure that you get the best quality paper and print.


You can depend on us

Translation Academy is a 25 year old company with the highest efficiency. With experienced professionals working full time, we are bent towards fulfilling every wish of our customers. Our quality of prepress and printing and also other printing facilities is one of the best in the market. Our priority is our customer’s satisfaction. We are the most reliable and honest bunch of professionals who take deadlines seriously. We also offer the most affordable rates in the market.

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