Sworn translations

Benefits of considering sworn translation service from Trans-Edit

The translation of the legal documents into some other language which is also accepted as a legal document and retains the same value as the original document even after translation is known as sworn translation. Adhering to the norms of the respective countries; the formats of these documents are designed accordingly. But whatever format you might have used; the translated article must maintain the true meaning of the original document, the violation of which is strong enough to bring about serious issues. This makes it necessary to always take sworn translations service from such a company which has gained enough expertise and has goodwill in the market with years of successful experience in this field.


Two basic standards of sworn translation

Be it whichever country you come from and whichever legal system your country adheres to; when it comes to sworn translataion; there prevails two basic standards which are followed in its case. It means that two countries might differ from each other in terms of their legal system, language and culture; but it is a must for all of them to follow these two standards when it is all about sworn translation. The first standard mentions that in “common law” countries including United Kingdom, Major parts of USA, Ireland and some of the former British colonies; it is necessary for the translator working in this field to have a formal training and qualification for translation and also prove the same through some of their writing skills. The second standard pertaining to the civil law countries including continental Europe and other countries of the world states asks not only for the formal qualification and training of the translator but also seeks the same translator to be registered with a specific country or court as a sworn translator; upon which only his or her translated documents will be considered legal.


Types of documents translated

This type of translation is used for formal documents, letters and notices like certificates, letters of attorney or mandates, court decision documents, statements, diplomas, licenses, Permits, and company registration certificates. They are also required when any such translated documents has to be presented in the court of law or any other public body. At Trans-Edit group; we make sure to take care of all your needs working with concern to the standards and legal obligations set forth so that there arises no chances of manipulation and other issues while the functioning.


Language criteria and Objectives of sworn translation along with the competence of our team

There is a difference prevailing between sworn and certified translation which is that the former is duly signed and sealed by an authorized and qualified sworn translator. The same is also enjoys the validity as an official translation widely acceptable. Unlike the original documents which can be transmitted and circulated through mails or fax; sworn translations has to be always submitted in the paper form as it is mandatory for these documents to bear the stamp and signature of the translator. Language also plays an important role in the translation process. With the globalization; sworn translation is taking place at the international level where the translator appointed might have to translate the document from one language to the other. This required for a translator to bear sound knowledge about different languages. Our team at Trans-edit group possesses a good hold of different foreign as well as national languages to make the translation in the accurate language required.


Why to take help from our team?

Law being the most culture dependent subject matter can disturb or hamper any court hearings or proceedings if there happens to be any problem with the accuracy of the translation. Those working with the international law expect high chances of receiving documents on different languages. This gives rise to take help from the sworn translators. Also for a sound translation; it is also necessary to select the best translation provide. We the Trans-Edit team promises to give you the best quality work and on time delivery of the same. All our works are prof checked by experts from the field so that you don’t get any chance to complain about our services.


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