Trade shows

Translation Academy’s Services towards Trading Translation

Steeping into the world of globalization, language no more creates a barrier in the process of communication. Years ago, this language used to be the only thing to hamper the development of relationship between traders and entrepreneurs coming from different parts of the world. With the birth of companies offering Translation services, language is no more able to pop up as a hindrance in the development of international trade. Translation Academy Group, a leading name in the translation service provider market, have been offering translation service to a number of sectors and groups.

Inception of translation service for trading sector

Over the years, we have offered services to sectors such as the media and entertainment, law, corporate world, educational institutes, luxury and accommodation and simultaneous interpretation. With the years flowing down, we have come up with our new initiative to offer translation services to the world of trade and commerce sector. Business meeting and programs are attended by a large number of attendees coming from difference parts of the country and world (sometimes). Coming from different cultural and social background, often they face difficulty to meet up with the session because of the language used to develop the communication. Recognizing the importance of translation and interpretation service in trade shows, business meetings, conferences and seminars, we have decided to expand our service area.

Importance of translations for trading and commerce

The trade and commerce agencies are growing each day with new ventures. They keep themselves up-to-date with the on-going social events, world finance market condition, current business trends and strategies by organizing conferences and meetings. These meetings are attended by personals from various places of the world. To ensure successful proceeding of the session with optimum result, trading companies and organizations often look out towards the best translation service providers. Our translation team works towards the benefit of the agencies involved with this field. From financial translation to interpretation, technical and legal translation; we provide all services interlinked with the world of trade and commerce.

Scope of translation languages

Translation Academy is a reliable organization occupying a major position in the list of efficient service providers for translation and interpretation. We offer exclusive and reliable information and translation service in different languages for almost all types of trading events. These languages covered by our expert team include English, Italian, Japanese, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Brazilian, Arabic, Korean, Hindi, Polish, Ukrainian, Rumanian, Greek, Serb-o-Croat, Hungarian, Belarusian and Swedish. Ever since the inception of the organization, our professionals have been assisting hundreds of small and large scale companies with our trading translation service.

Features and skills of team

Our translations are guaranteed as 100% true translation i.e. the translation is done retaining the true meaning of the original context. 48 hour delivery period, no hidden cost, delivery via mail within the stipulated deadline, working with the photocopy material and recordings are the key skills of our team. However; the clients are requested to submit their original files in case of any additional information are required to be provided. For translation work in English and Italian, work is delivered on the same day. A prior notice of one day for Spanish, French, German and two days for other languages are required respectively. Our team members ensure that the work is done keeping in terms with the professional ground. On an important note, before submitting the work to the clients, it is cross checked by experts having a good hold in this field.