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With the aim of improving the success potential of your business conferences, meetings and training programs, simultaneous interpretation acts as a magical wand. The requirement and use of this service is increasing day by day across the globe with which it is also being used by the medical, legal and diplomatic fraternity who have taken it as a communication tool. Majority of the time, these meetings, conferences and seminars are attended by people coming from different social and cultural backgrounds. They often speak a different language as well making it difficult for them to understand the language of the speaker. Eventually attending the meeting turns up vague for such attendees lowering down the image of the organizer. To retain their interest, it is important for such organizers to make adequate arrangement for simultaneous interpretation which eases out the language disability.


Function of simultaneous translation

Simultaneous translation is the process whereby the translator performs the task of translating the message of the speaker into a language understandable by the audience or a specific listener. This interpretation or translation technology requires two basic equipments: a soundproof booth for the translator and earphones for the listeners or audience. Professionals and experts at Translation Academy work for serving the needs of the clients for such simultaneous translations on each and every specific subject matter.


Role and technique used by our team

Even dwelling in this technological era, there are organizers who do not have adequate arrangement in their stadium with equipment necessary for translation like soundproof booths and conference equipment. This is where the need of the Translation Academy team comes into play that makes efficient use of the bidule equipment for conducting the translation task in such training and business events. This bidule system is based completely on the radio frequency connection for conducting the simultaneous translation of the speech or message to all the training participants using their earphones. This translation technique can be used for itinerant training courses as the success of such task depends on the free movement of the earphones and microphones clipped.


How does our translator/s work?

The translators work in pair for programs continuing for more than an hour where each translator exchanges their session in every 30 minutes. In case of any shorter session for an hour or less, only one translator is appointed. These interpreters or translators hear the speech or source language using the earphones and at the same time translate these into the target language understandable by the audience speaking into the microphone. Over the last few years, our professionals have been rendering service to many small and medium sized Egyptian and Foreign companies.


Languages covered for the translation service by our team

Ever since the inception, our team has been rendering service for the translation of tasks into languages like Egyptian, English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Brazilian, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Korean, Hindi, Polish, Ukrainian, Rumanian, Dutch, Serbo-Croat, Hungarian, Swedish, Belorussian and more. We readily provide service on contract made at least 1 hour prior to the scheduled event; however, this service is limited to translation where English and Egyptian is the target language. In case of German, French and Spanish, a notice at least day prior to the event is necessary. For all other languages, the team requests the clients to make a booking at least before 2 days of the scheduled event. For any specific document translation required, all the clients are required to submit the document beforehand so that the translation process becomes easy.

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