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If you have been looking for some effective ways of rapidly expandinga business and selling more and more than what is being currently sold, then you ought to include a provision for video promotion to the marketing mix. Gradually, an increasing number of people are becoming aware of advantages of effective video marketing and have also been using it for promotion of their brand, service or product extensively. Translation Academy takestheir clients through each stage starting from the transcription followed by translation and even voice recording to synching, timing and post processing for deliveringthe final top-quality multimedia files in language of a target market.

Advantages of Video Translation:

The advantages of video translations are as follows: Video translation by Translation academy can be highly helpful for any kind of online learning. It is also noted for view ability in a sound-sensitive environment. The translationallows search engines to be appropriately indexed. The transcripts make the video content more searchable along with easy creation of a derivative content;it also facilitates translation in foreign languages.

Steps in Video Translation:

Step° 1 Transcription and translation

Transcription happens to be the first and the utmost important step in the process for localization (translation) of multimedia product. The team of mother-tongue professionals transcribes the video content. An extracted source text is translated to be incorporated into a video. Transcripts may be used for improving the video usability or the YouTube positioning.

Step° 2 Different approaches to video translation

Subtitling has always been the frequently requested, popular video content localization proceduredue to the wonderful quality to price ratio. In the subtitled videos, the voices remain in original language, with a translated transcript of an audio. To provide this, technical staff of Translation Academy creates sound files made compatible with video formats (for instance mpeg, avi, flv etc.) and platforms (for instance YouTube).

Costs and times
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Removes audio tracks in source language and replaces it with another track in a target language.

Costs and times
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builds on the proven practices that have been established in motion picture industry, permitting various types of content to be made available immediately in different languages, even when the speakers have been present on-screen.

Translation Process and Quality

Video Translationis done by professional linguists to accurately capture cultural nuances of a video content. Thelinguists have an area specific expertise across a range of topics. The translations aren’t literal or word for word. On the basis of the target language, the translation can demand more characters compared toan English source. Translation Academy’s video translation process has always been accounted for this known as word swell effect to accurately preservethe synchronization of subtitles. The highest priority has been to ensure that the message reaches audience effectively and accurately in any culture or any market.


Reasons to rely on Translation Academy:

Translation Academy possesses the vision of becoming one of the leading translation and internationalization service companies in a global context, striving to reach the highest peak of customer satisfaction proving the quality demanded. Translation academy, the 25 year old company is noted forits efficiency and not to forget, the affordable rates in the present day market consider customer requirements as the highest of all priorities of the business and hence building up strong and long-lasting relationships with them.

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