Voice Over and Subtitling

More than just simultaneous translation


The Various Aspects of Voice and Subtitling Managed by Translation Academy

A lot of businesses tend to include subtitling in their corporate videos. Various managers look for off-screen as well as voice-over subtitling. At Translation Academy, we understand that the companies want quality of service and that their customers are provided with what they want. The intended audience must be happy with the service of the company. While looking at the price comparison between voice over and off screen, we can see that there isn’t much of a difference so we can effectively and impartially choose for you which would be the best method for the intended customer base.


Things to be taken into consideration

There are a few things which have to be considered while deciding which might be the better choice. Things like whether the people speaking to the camera directly, how much onscreen text or caption is there, whether there is an existing on-screen narrator or for which type of market we are subtitling the video. The best way to use subtitling is when the original video is of a language which you do not understand. Voice and subtitlingis very helpful to the audience who are not familiar with the original language of the video though they want to enjoy the content. Translation method is a personal choice and hence must be presented with different options.


The differences in off-screen subtitling and voice overs

When the original video itself contains on screen text, then adding more translated text can only clutter the screen and it would be difficult for the corporate audience to make out whatever is written on screen. Hence, people will get tired from trying to make out what is written on the screen. Thus instead of conveying a message, the video might just struggle to make the people understand the words thrown at them.


Various kinds of translation mediums

Suppose, someone is talking in the video so the off-screen subtitling voice must be lowered down a tone so that the original emotion of the tone in the scene is maintained. So, when the emotion is kept intact, we can say that the voice and subtitling has been worked out beautifully. Off-screen narrators seem more appropriate in short videos like commercial ones where there is a basic animation and here, text subtitles make little or no sense. But an off-screen voice can convey the message properly.


What kind of market is being targeted?

There are different types of subtitling which work for different types of subtitling. Some show preference over a different type. When our company will handle your subtitling works, we can recommend which type of subtitle will work best in a certain kind of market. There are various more important things to consider than cost when we are aiming for the proper service in a corporate work. Quality is of prime importance along with efficiency. In a corporate, training or marketing video, we provide what is proper suited to the customer’s needs and also correct the improper methods used by the new talents in the sector. When using a wrong method at a cheaper cost, it may actually cost you a hefty sum in the long run. Hence, proper professional advice is necessary to maintain goodwill among your clients as well as helping you to choose the proper solution most effective for the targeted audience.


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