Web Design

The Importance of Web Design by Translation Academyandthe Impact onIndividuals and Profits

There are many reasons as to why and how a well-designed website could be attracting ideal customers and prompting dialogues with a target firm. The five key components that any web designer ought to remember while designing any website are: the Brand Consistency, the Navigation, the Reading Patterns, SEO, the content and last but not the least trust. The main purpose of using different kinds of web designing is that of making best use of existing technologies for creating an eye-catching website, serving the purpose of conception. Two different styles of web designing available at present are the static and the dynamic web designs. In today's competitive world, Translation Academy suggests that it's time that we break old habits and instead try out the other types of web designs such as:

  • Illustrative web designing
  • Minimalist web designing
  • Typography web designing
  • Single page web designing
  • Flat web designing

Web development basically refers to the coding or the programming which further enables the functionality of any website, according to an owner's requirement. It primarily deals with non-design aspects of building a website, which also includes the coding and the writing markup. Web development is wide ranging starts with creating the plain text pages up to web-based complex applications, followed by social network applications as well as electronic business applications. The web development hierarchy is as follows:

  • The client-side coding
  • The server-side coding
  • The database technology

The team at Translation Academy specializes when it comes tocustom web development which meets the requirement and provides responsive designs.


The process of software development refers to a structure imposed on the development of any software product. Any modern software product is faster, accurate and quite cost effective. Translation Academy web design work in this sphere has been preferred by clients as they develop sophisticated software applications for every need. Mobile application development is that process of creating or making a mobile application run on several mobile platforms. Translation Academy provides mobile applications to clients thereby making their applications run smoothly.


We are specialized in Custom Web development that meets to your requirment and provide Responsive design.


We develop sophisticated Software application for every need of our clients.


We provide mobile applications to our clients to make their application run on .


We develop and provide most reliable E-commerce solutions to meet all business needs of our client.


We make social media applications for online marketing, analytics and social-aspects of our clients.


We provide best customization of various open source software to meet your requirment quickly.


Open-source development basically refers to the process through which the open-source software or any other similar software with a source code publicly available, can be or is developed. Some of our clients prefer the open source software development since they tend to hold better control over this type of software. While our other clients prefer open source software development as it lets them appear as better programmers. The others prefer the open source software development as they are of the opinion that it's more stable and secure than any proprietary software. Our company has been a popular name when it comes to providing the maximum customization for open source software for meeting client requirements as soon as possible.


Social media networks, needlessly to mention again have created the much needed platform where interaction and communication isn't limited to that with one another but furthermore with favorite products, games, brands, services and so on through Social Media Applications. At Translation Academy, the social media applications aim at appropriate webdesign, online marketing, social-aspects, analytics for the benefit of our clients.


ECommerce web development has indeed become a necessity instead of a means to drive greater traffic. We, at Translation Academy, a notable web development company, offer effective eCommerce web designing, plug-ins and solutions of module development for the small and the medium level enterprises. With an intense knowledge of web designing and love for development, the skilled team of highly talented professionals is always aware of the present day trends of the industry and strives for delivering prolific results. With an ineffable experience, the competent developers come together for creating a customized e-commerce website for the promotion of a brand effectively as it brings success as well as facilitates online sales. At Translation Academy, we develop and provide the most reliable e-commerce solutions for meeting the business needs of the clients.