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Premium website design services by Translation Academy

In this modern era when the world has been taken over by the internet and almost everything is virtual; you can only succeed in the corporate world if you have an online presence. Without a virtual identity, there is less scope of competing with others. Therefore, having a website for your business is crucial to the development and welfare of your company. We,at Translation Academy provide premium services in the field of website design and development and you can never go wrong by trusting us to deliver exactly that which will suit your needs.


Why we are the best at website designing?

A good website design is necessary to make your presence felt to your customers and potential clients. A good website needs lots of planning and creativity. A beautiful website is essential to attract visitors and increase the traffic at your website, thereby enabling you to earn greater revenues. If a good website only looks beautiful, then it would be useless as a good website also needs to be easy to navigate. A user friendly interface, the correct usage of fonts and colors keeping in mind the kind of audience that are your customers, is important in building a good website. We, at Translation Academy keep in mind the minute details and create a website for you after a lot of research and corrections to give you the best in the world.


What makes us different from others?

  • We use the best technology which can turn even the most static websites dynamic. Our work is such that the websites are easy to maintain and update.
  • We make sure that the interface and the structure is such that it provides the customers with a website featuring optimum readability, a good typography, the best colour coordination and contrasts, legible and legitimate content, a SEO optimized URL and the correct balance among the widgets, images, text and multimedia.
  • At Translation Academy, we have the best and the most experienced professionals in every field, most importantly in the website designing field. They are highly acquainted with the latest trends and technologies and will structure your website keeping everything in mind.
  • We make sure that the website designed by us is such that it provides you with maximum conversions and enhances your marketing strategies. We will keep in check the type of customers you would be dealing with so that we can deliver exactly that which will make your site likable to them.


Benefits of our services

  • By availing our services, you will get a website that is designed in such a way that it generates sales and enhances your marketing online which in turn generates leads.
  • A secure and safe website which is freed of malware as well as un-hack able.
  • One that portrays cutting age technology and is trendy and up to date.
  • One that is search engine friendly and also easily integrated.
  • One that loads easily and has an easy to use interface and that can be accessed over mobile phones and tabs.


Know more about our worldwide presence

Our headquarters are at Egypt with a branch at Kuwait and we are an ISO 9001:2008 certified company. We regard and keep the customer’s requirements on the highest pedestal and you are sure to not regret by trusting us and our team. Our 24 hour customer support will take care and assist you with all problems and queries.