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Nine in ten users say they prefer to visit a website in their own language, when available.(Source: Eurobarometer)

Premium Website Translation Solutions by Translation Academy

If you are an entrepreneur or an individual owning a website, you very well know the various advantages a website has. It provides you with lots of growth opportunities. Growth can be infinite provided you know the effective ways to achieve it. Building a website with useful content and also a good web design increaseyour brand recognition and help in marketing your company thereby generating income flow at an increased rate. This necessarily does not mean you grow as an organization. Growth can only be achieved by spreading your wings and in this sense it means going global.

Need for translation

To go global means to have customers worldwide. When you have customers worldwide, chances are good that some might not know English or any other language that your website is built of. Though English is a universal language, the customers will feel at home and will have more reasons to trust you only if they can read your content in their own homeland language. It gives them a feeling of familiarity and recognition. This is where website translation plays its part.

Though Google can translate, the translation is sometimes not that effective and also it is very troublesome to translate page by page every single time. Therefore, a pre formatted translation system is necessary which will allow your viewers to see the contents on your website in their own desired language very easily. At Translation Academy, we take care of all your needs adhering to website translation.


Why we are the best?

At Translation Academy, you will get professional help with websitetranslation as well as other translations. We say we are the best because we trust our professionals and our professionalism. We have some premium features to offer that will surely show you the benefits you are going to get through our association.

  • All our language expert professionals have had their chosen language as their mother tongue. We have a separate set of language expert professionals working towards every language. All of them are highly experienced and trained.
  • We directly apply the translations through the FTP mode in the client’s server and the imported file formats used by us are the most common and easily accessible like aspx. Xliff, Html and Php with CMS like Drupal, Joomla and WordPress.
  • We translate not only website content of the present but also of the future and past as well as all other flash, video, audio, pdf and digital contents of the website.
  • Our use of cutting edge technology and software enables us to translate without any alteration of the code thereby reducing cost and time.
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Some other features


Another attractive feature offered by us is the translation of the website considering the importance of SEO. We make sure that the translated content, no matter what language it has been translated to is SEO friendly. We have our in house SEO experts who translate the Metadata keeping in mind the need of the locals. We will also take care of the best quality possible while translation. The translated content will have the best quality and standard vocabulary will be used to retain the standard and class of your original website content. All this at utmost safety and at the most pocket friendly rates is only available at Translation Academy.